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I am jamaican and nigerian and i have good hair

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I got tired of the twists after nearly 4 weeks, which included one retwisting. I spent about 7 hours taking out the twists the second time because I simply made the twists too small. I don’t know why I keep thinking that’s a good idea. 

Remember seeing the infomercial for this?

                          WEN pic

Two weeks ago, I got a coupon for half-off of WEN, the hair system by Chaz Dean. I decided to finally give it a try after reading and hearing about some great reviews. I used it last weekend after I took out my twists and my hair felt awesomely soft. I think WEN is a system I could make a staple, maybe. I’m not sure though because of the itchiness that I’ve been experiencing since I started using it. Product buildup? I don’t know. I’m currently using the WEN hair treatment as I write and will wash it out in a few so I can prep my hair for work tomorrow. I have the Sweet Almond Mint set and it smells fantastically minty! After using WEN for the first time, I had a cute and voluminous braidout for about a day; but then the humidity killed it. :-( 

Anyway, I’ve been protecting my hair with a style similar to Kimmaytube’s tuck and go style for the last few days. I am considering lightly blow drying my hair tonight or roller setting it. Haven’t made up my mind yet. We shall see. 

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